Climate data and forecasts

Interactive climate change maps

Natural vs. unnatural processes

Check out Katharine Hayhoe’s Global Weirding brief video about what is and is not contributing to rising temperatures:

Where to learn more about climate change

Here are some of the podcasts and people and organizations I follow for the latest news on climate change and the environment in general:
Download free software and use your home computer to advance climate modeling.

Yale Climate Connections
A non-partisan, multimedia service providing daily broadcast radio programming (you can subscribe to their 2-minute podcasts) and original web-based reporting, commentary, and analysis on climate change.

University of Washington’s Program on Climate Change news
The PCC focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to addressing understanding, predicting, and preparing for climate change.

Katharine Hayhoe
An Evangelical Christian who also is a climate scientist. Active on Facebook and Twitter.

Ocean Allison podcast
Allison Randolph Albritton is a Marine Biologist turned Ocean Communicator. She uses her knowledge of ocean science in addition to her skills in communications to educate and inspire people around the world to care for our blue planet.