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Clear waters of a changing ocean along the Alki Beach shoreline in West Seattle.Clear waters of a changing ocean along the Alki Beach shoreline in West Seattle.

I got the idea for this site while attending the oceanography class OCEAN 102 at the University of Washington. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how human activity affects the earth’s climate, and, as I learned, understanding the climate starts with understanding the ocean, which plays a dominate role in our daily weather as well as earth’s long-term changing climate.

Among the key lessons I learned when studying journalism at Indiana University was to consider the source. All content published on the site will include references to legitimate source material, so it cannot be mistaken for fake news or disinformation.

When I was pursuing my M.M.A. degree from the University of Washington’s School of Marine and Environmental Affairs I also participated in the Program on Climate Change’s public outreach committee of the Graduate Steering Committee. We organized public events to help the curious general public gain a deeper understanding of the climate emergency. I gave presentations to a variety of audiences, including a high school music class composing songs about the climate. Contact me if you would like me to give a presentation to your organization.

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George Thomas Jr.